Rathayatra Booking

We are opening MOOD specially to accommodate people attending Rathayatra on the 21st July and will be taking bookings for tables so that we can serve you better.

    Enter your full name

    Enter a valid UK mobile number

    How many people will be in your group

    We book tables for 45 minutes, 5+ people for 90 minutes

    You can let us know what you would like to eat so that we can have it ready when you arrive

    The £10 deposit will be taken off your food order bill.



    Using the famous Beyond Meat patty, with our signature beetroot slaw, freshly sliced tomato, crunchy rocket, garnished with sprout salad, with a slice of vegan cheese, finished with our special burger sauce, all sandwiched between a gourmet American bun, served with a side of chips. 10.4

    Nut Free, OG Free option available


    A vegan chicken burger served in a gourmet brioche bun with a filling of sriracha mayo on a bed of romaine lettuce, topped with gherkins and real hot jalapeños, completed with our own homemade knock out tartar sauce. 9.9

    Nut Free


    Traditional middle-eastern flatbread, with mountains of crunchy lettuce, red cabbage, fresh carrot and our ground up burger patty, then finished with a smokey barbecue sauce, hummus, vegan mayo and salsa. 10.9

    Nut Free



    A mildly spiced red curry with marinated seitan strips and a medley of fresh vegetables: aubergine, baby sweetcorn, peppers, green beans and mangetout, all bathing in rich and creamy coconut milk, served with fragrant basmati rice. 10.9

    OG Free, Gluten Free option available


    A complete nori seaweed sheet stuffed with sushi rice, seasoned tofu slices, fresh romaine lettuce, bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, avocado, a drizzle of vegan mayo and finished with a sweet teriyaki sauce, eaten like a wrap. 8.9

    Nut Free, Gluten Free option available


    A protein rich mixed leaf salad with rocket, seitan, avocado, carrot, peppers, tomato, baby radish and sprouts, drizzled with a light dressing, topped with mixed seeds and a dash of beetroot slaw. Served with sliced & toasted pitta. 9.2 

    Soy Free, OG Free, Gluten Free option available


    A hearty portion of an Indian inspired lentil soup served with your choice of rice or sourdough bread. 7.9

    A Bit of a


    Inari tofu pocket, filled with sushi rice, avocado, diced tomatoes, baby radish and red vegan mayo sauce  (two tacos) 4.9

    Nut Free, OG Free

    TOFU Sarnie

    Chunky tofu, rocket salad, avocado, fresh tomatoes, vegan mayo folded in pita bread with hummus. 6.4

    Nut Free, OG Free

    Smashed avo on Toast

    Freshly smashed avocado on sourdough bread with chopped tomatoes, cracked chilli pepper and a side of hummus. 6.4

    A lotta Ciabatta

    Freshly sliced tomatoes on a traditional ciabatta bread, accompanied with fresh basil, vegan feta cheese, finished with salt and pepper. 5.4

    BLT with TLC

    Pan fried vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato layered up with mayo, served in a brioche bun. 5.4

    Nut Free, OG Free